Milo by Lightovo

Blooming marvellous! A lamp that doubles as a greenhouse

The best kind of product design addresses multipurpose functions and does it beautifully. The Poland-based lighting studio, Lightovo, has done just that with the brilliantly conceived and executed Milo.

Milo is an interior lamp with a glass shade that acts like a miniature greenhouse. It can hold a medium-sized plant or a couple of pots within its stylish glow.

The lamp is powered by an LED light source with colour temperature 4,000K, which imitates daylight. LEDs don’t generate heat, so flowers are safe from overheating and the blooms thrive.

The aesthetics of the lamp can be changed instantly to suit your interior design or the outdoor seasons just by changing the plant inside the shade, which has two large holes to enable the plant to easily be pulled in and out, and supply air circulation.

Recommended plant species include adenium obesum, sanevieria, roza miniaturowa, tilandsia ‘sandy’, euphorbia milli and calcedaria.

It’s blooming marvellous!

Milo by Lightovo Milo by Lightovo Milo by Lightovo Milo by Lightovo Milo by Lightovo Milo by LightovoThanks to Design Taxi for bringing it to our attention!

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