A new press process that puts a gloss on surface shine

Time to blow our own trumpet about our new Mirror Gloss range of surfaces that can be used across kitchen, furniture, door and wall designs. It’s the result of one of Kronospan’s biggest investments in product research and development.

The Mirror Gloss product required the construction of an entirely new multi-daylight press, a tailored resin formula, and the development of a new process of timings, pressure, heat and cooling to create a remarkable mirror finish.

As well as our investment in research and development, we were able to use our endless global journey (which you know all about if you regularly read this blog) to inform the creation of the 20 Mirror Gloss decors. The decors are tirelessly researched and developed – with commercial sense – to help designers add an entirely new dimension and reflection to an interior scheme or furniture piece.

The palette includes 14 uni-colours, four wood finishes and two abstract designs for an on-trend interior and furniture collection of surfaces.

By specifying Mirror Gloss, designers can achieve bold and intense statements. Our Mirror Gloss range pushes the limits of conventional melamine surfaces to provide an incredible depth of finish.

Mirror Gloss is currently being specified across many high-end home, office and leisure projects that demand a startling lustre finish, but the product is not exclusive to the luxury market.

The new collection offers high-end lustre finishes from contemporary white, black and greys through to playful uni-colours and rich dark wood surfaces. The varied palette gives designers a crisp Snow White (8685) and Black (0190); on-trend greys like Cool Grey (0191) and Slate Grey (0171); the richly vivid Marmara Blue (5515) and Lime Grass (5519); and the warmth and timelessness of wood grain with a Dark Sevilla Olive (8601) and Dark Lyon Walnut (8754).

Mirror Gloss is available on low emission particleboard (PB) – size 2800mm x 2050mm in 18mm – with colour matching ABS edging and HPL.

Kronospan Mirror Gloss Kronospan Mirror Gloss Kronospan Mirror Gloss Kronospan Mirror Gloss

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