Bleijh Industrial

Don’t eat this sandwich

You can eat this if you really want to, but you may get a few (hundred) splinters in your mouth. Designed by Bleijh Industrial, the ‘Sandwichbike’ is a Dutch design, inspired by the concept of flat-packing, home assembly and the designer’s never-ending drive to create exceptional products.

The bike was engineered into a ‘sandwich’ of two weather coated frames of layered plywood. It was then bonded together by ‘smart cylinders’, becoming a durable piece of what can only be described as technology – despite the primitive base origin of the materials.

Due to the size and number of components used, less than 50 in total, the Sandwich bike – before assembly – fits snugly into a small, flat package and can be sent by post. Everything needed for assembly of the bike can be found in the box, including all the tools required, which is surprisingly few. We’re definitely coming along for the ride with this neat piece of kit.

You can check out more of Bleijh Industrial’s jaw-dropping designs on their website; they truly are a designer to keep an eye on.

Yno Papen, Managing Director Pedal Factory:

‘As a rule, bicycles are sold at bike shops and bikes are usually made of steel. But why, really? Could there be another way of doing things? A better way, perhaps? By asking such questions, we were able to make a real connection.’

Bleijh Industrial Bleijh Industrial Bleijh Industrial Bleijh Industrial Bleijh Industrial Bleijh Industrial

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