James Doran-Webb

Thoroughbred from the waves

Following on with our animal trend, this post shows off the magnificent work of renowned sculptor James Doran-Webb and his life-size thoroughbreds sculpted from 1,500kg of driftwood and stainless steel skeletons.

Each horse is made from over 400 pieces of driftwood. The animals are all extremely lifelike and are overflowing with a sense of motion. Doran-Webb made all three with moveable limbs and necks, so they can be arranged in a variety of lifelike poses, helping to show the flowing nature of these majestic creatures.

Doran-Webb designed his creations for the Chinese New Year celebrations in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. Being very oily and tensile, the wood he uses is thought to be over 50 years old and is able withstand intense weathering. According to the sculptor, it was a ‘dream to work with’.

Each horse is said to be able to hold the weight of five fully grown men. Well we’re along for the ride!

James Doran-Webb James Doran-Webb James Doran-Webb James Doran-Webb

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