Rüskasa RU-ST007 Bench

A wooden bench carved to look upholstered

It’s rather unfashionable to highlight something from 2013 at the very beginning of 2014, but we don’t care because we can’t believe we missed this beautiful and original piece of furniture when it was talked about last year.

Taiwanese company Rüskasa creates modern, handmade wooden furniture, which is inspired by Scandinavian and Japanese design. The craftsmen have combined this inspirational mix perfectly to create the RU-ST007 Bench, which features a trompe l’oeil effect on the wooden seat to make it look as if it’s upholstered – when it’s really carved!

It’s a sublimely simple idea that requires mind blowing skill to create a timeless, unique, versatile and talked about piece of furniture.

Rüskasa RU-ST007 Bench Rüskasa RU-ST007 Bench Rüskasa RU-ST007 Bench Rüskasa RU-ST007 Bench

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