Stylish and cosy wooden designs for the bathroom


It’s great to see modern waterproof coated wood bringing warmth and richness into bathrooms – the one place in the home where we tend not to see any wood at all.

Designers are incorporating wood into bathroom décor with fashionable and luxurious Spa-like wooden bathtubs and washbasins, as well as wood panels for floors and walls, to create a warm and cosy atmosphere.



Wood and stone combinations help to create different styles including modern, minimalist and rustic.


These designs inspire us all to create a little bit of luxury in our own homes with the warmth and textures that only wood can bring.


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2 thoughts on “Stylish and cosy wooden designs for the bathroom

  1. I would like to know more about “woodperfected”. Cannot seem to find anything about them online. Are these images (walnut veneered panels) of a wood grain under a laminate, or a print laminate? Intrigued…..

    • Hi, check out our ‘about’ page for more information about us – we’re part of the Kronospan UK team… The above are simply examples of what interior designers are up to with wood in bathrooms and they will have used a number of different techniques and materials to waterproof the wood.

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