Musical Chairs take us down the rabbit hole

Eddie Donogher, an experience kitchen designer, fitter and installer, is the man behind some of the wackiest and most imaginative pieces we’ve seen on The Design For(u)m. His work has an Alice In Wonderland, fantastical feel that is extremely appealing in its unapologetic quirkiness and sense of fun.

 For the past 25 years I’ve been either designing, making or installing fitted furniture. Nearly 5 years ago now my daughter Niamh was just 4 and she asked me for “a chair like nobody else’s” – she wanted a “Shoe chair” and she even started to draw me how it should look. Not wanting to disappoint a 4 year old I went to my shed and made my first shoe chair, I cut up an old pair of jeans and wrapped the chair, Niamh was thrilled, but more interesting to me was that all the ladies that saw the chair wanted one, not for their children they wanted to know if I could make a big one for them. Although that was nearly 5 years ago I think that was the seed for MadebyEd.”

His work is as much art as it functional – and the inspiration from his daughters’ imaginations is palpable.

My motivation and inspiration are my daughters, they’re so creative and imaginative and they believe their Dad can make anything, so when they come up with an idea they don’t worry about what materials have to be used or if it’s possible to make, they just tell me how the finished article should look and they let me worry about the engineering of it. I’m so glad that I listened to their ideas and nurtured their design ability, I have a sketch pad full of designs that I’m going to produce and at least half have come from either Niamh (8) or Cara (5). “

MadeByEd, he says, will never be a mass-produced product. The guitar chair, for instance, has to be kiln-dried for a minimum of three months before a further two weeks of work.

His work isn’t for everyone, and it may not be the most functional work we’ve seen, but we love that this doesn’t matter – and certainly not to Eddie. For those of us willing to embrace kooky design, this work is right up there with the best.

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