DesignK: Tea for One

Unless you’ve had your head buried beneath some pop-culture resistant rock for the last few years then you’ll have noticed that there is a lot of love for traditional afternoon-tea. Bakery shows are doing remarkably well on the TV and Pinterest is positively overflowing with cupcake ideas. All of this baked-goodness is, of course, to be accompanied by tea.

DesignK have designed a very sweet ode to the afternoon brew. Tea for One, as the name implies and the picture confirms, is a sweet little table just big enough to rest a cup on. Crafted out of ash, it has a ceramic plate (which can be customised – see below) fitted in the top – acting as a saucer – and has wax cotton strings livening it up.

Its simplicity is utterly endearing. I particularly like the fact that it is not some Victoriana pastiche, but has rather been inspired by this enduring English habit and made it fresh. It’s fun, cute and, despite its novelty, almost certainly very useful.

Byung studied Industrial Design at university before founding DesignK. They will be exhibiting Tea for One at Tent London, 20-23 September.

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