James Henry Austin – back to school

The Olympics was described the other day on Absolutely Fabulous as “like titinus”. This imaginative, albeit a bit cynical, comparison rings true for a lot of people in the UK at the moment. The Olympics is everywhere, there’s no denying it, and a lot of places are piggybacking on it. But – “at the end of the day” – deal with it, it’s here, let’s embrace it.

And embrace it we are today, with a look at James Henry Austin’s nod to the London 2012 with his new collection. Called Project Won, these pieces are all made out of salvaged sportshall flooring from around the UK. The planks are sanded – leaving the original painted lines – and recoated with a natural wax.

There is something gorgeously nostaligic about these pieces. Everyone remembers their school sports hall – the large, dusty, echoey space with some inexplicable lines painted onto the floors and basketball hoops that no one ever used. The ubiquity of these halls – a shared experience for us all – gives these clean, stylish pieces a really nice touch. Plus these definitely tick the box for design that is not only lovely, but also thoroughly sustainable.

The link to the Olympics, whilst subtle, is there: our shared sporting heritage being celebrated, be it Year 8 rounders or the 100m final.

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