Daniel Schofield’s Functional Charm

Based in Sheffield, Danielf Schofield Studio creates pieces that are creative, highly functional, with a quirky sense of humour and a clear awareness of what people need today. A keen focus on ethical design that has both charm and durability, the pieces have a refreshing simplicity about them which lacks pretentiousness.

The Shifty desk (pictured above) lures the unsuspecting to pull on the front drawer, when unbeknownst to them the entire  desk top will pull out revealing a sotrage compartment underneath.

Inspired by the ever increasing population, the desk recognises that we live ‘closer together’, and that privacy is becoming rarer and more sacred. The shape and function of the desk came ‘out of playing with drawers and reversing their function, so that the storage part stays where it is whilst the carcass of the drawer moves to reveal the storage area’.

‘Our Kid’, a lovely use of the Northern term of endearment that perfectly describes the aim of making it an object people can emotionally attach to. Daniel Schofield, whilst studying, noticed more and more the amount of furniture people threw away – an enormous waste of materials, resources and energy. A cute, quirky little pieces oozing character and functionality, he may well have achieved his objective.

We definitely look forward to seeing more from Daniel – watch this space.

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