Evil Robot Design’s Pop Culture Icons

I’m very excited about the outfit behind this afternoon’s blog. Evil Robot Design, comprising of young designers EViL ED and Dan Robotic, have tapped into an increasingly popular niche and combined pop culture and design. Not just any pop culture, mind – it’s really more the increasingly accepted counter-culture of comic books, film, tv and sci-fi.

The concept works perfectly. Genuinely kooky, interesting pieces are the result of this idea. Whilst not taking themselves seriously at all, the team have come up with some seriously brilliant designs.

The ‘shazam’ table (inspired, in case you may have wondered, by  comic book sound effects) is a hollow coffee table handcrafted from solid walnut. The combination of the wood and the bolt font is just excellent, and really exemplifies everything these guys are about.

The lamps are intricate creations, made up, primarily, of comic-book character toys and the odd sci-fi creature. These fascinating and incredibly fun pieces are stuck together and covered with a high-gloss lacquer.

They are not limited to furnishings, however. A range of wallpaper is also available – each name ‘It Came from Beneath the Sea’, ‘It Came from Outer Space’ and ‘The Three Laws of Robotics’. The outer space wallpaper in particular is a charming nod to the aesthetic of ’50s B-Movies and flying saucers.

Alternative’, or ‘geek’ culture is becoming more and more… dare I say it, cool? There’s a kitsch charm to the old comic book characters and the pop-art aesthetic, plus a much delayed appreciation of graphic novels and sci-fi TV and film. Evil Robot Design have combined their passion for fun and truly inspired design, with a real eye for whatworks and an evident talent for craftsmanship.


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