Czech design outfit cast ‘Woo-doo’

Design Milk have come up trumps and featured these amazing pieces by Prague-based outfit kdomazidlibydli (no, I didn’t just smash my hands into my keyboard).

Their ‘Wood-doo’ collection – a play on words of ‘voodoo’ – uses wooden shingles as “a mysterious element that carries the original function of shingle roofing element to other forms”. Everything, for them, starts with “bark morphology”, and moves on from there.

Drawing inspiration from Czech history and craftsmanship, the pieces made with the shingles are functional as well as having a rustic aesthetic appeal.

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One thought on “Czech design outfit cast ‘Woo-doo’

  1. I like the lamp….and the way that there is always a new way of looking at something or designing something that’s not being seen before…

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