The Tetra Shed: innovating home offices

It’s no secret that more people are choosing to work from home, and this is encouraging an enormous increase in designers finding solutions to make a home office viable. For those of us who don’t simply have a spare room knocking about, alternative solutions such as garden offices and pods are being looked at. Whilst functional, it hasn’t taken long for people to desire something somewhat more stylish and unique, particularly in their own garden.

The Tetra Shed, designed by architects at Innovation Imperative, is one such alternative. A modular construction made out of eco-friendly engineered timber, lined with birch faced plywood and clad in matt black rubber, this striking space couldn’t be more far removed from its cuboid ancestry. While the basic model is large enough to accomodate two people, the Tetra shed’s modular building system allows you to expand, adapt and customise. The matt black rubber might well be a bit much for many – the black exterior makes it look a little like a cross between Darth Vader and a space vessel – but fortunately there are numerous other rubber cladding colours, as well as both timber and metal options.

Although certainly not cheap, the Tetra Shed is a fantastic idea, and could well be a trend setter in aesthetically pleasing outdoor offices.

The Tetra Shed will be on show at this years Grand Designs Live between 5th – 13th May, among other shows. Such an innovative idea is bound to capture the imagination of many.

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