Hilla Shamia’s Woodcasting

You may have noted a common theme on this blog of really loving anything that makes the most of beautiful, natural wood grain and materials. Contemporist featured Hilla Shamia this morning.


Based in Israel, the designs on Hilla’s site are quite extraordinary, but the Woodcasted benches and stools are really special.

Combining wood with aluminium, the effect is both original, and sympathetic to the natural material used. The preservation of the fundamental form of the log gives a really earthy appeal to this piece, with the aluminium providing the perfect accent, without diminishing the rustic aesthetic.

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2 thoughts on “Hilla Shamia’s Woodcasting

  1. ravie naik on said:

    absolutely stunning work!!!!!! desperately want to know how i can get in touch and buy a small piece of this brilliance for me own self!!!!!…someone help out pls…

    • Hello – thank you for the comment!
      I’m not sure where you might buy this, or whether they are currently for sale, but I think the best place for you to contact would be here – there’s an email address if you want to query it!

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