The Domestic, Undomesticated

If you haven’t visited Made in Design before, you really should. An online store showcasing and selling an enormous variety of designer pieces, it’s a great place to find something really exceptional.

What I found this morning was a French brand called Domestic. Run by Stéphanie Arriubergé and Massimilano Iorio, their collections of objects are designed by artists and graphic designers. A particular emphasis is put on making sure the end user of the products can be part of the creative process themselves.

From fantastically creative mirrors, to stunning and unusual wall paper stickers, they are really worth a good look. Despite having such a large range of designers at their disposal, Domestic have still achieved a look that is uniquely theirs. Their designs offer a way to inject some real individuality into the home – be it through a singular wallpaper sticker, or some brave wall art.

Lot of their products are available on Made in Design here.

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2 thoughts on “The Domestic, Undomesticated

  1. gorgeous images and ideas 😉

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