Salvatore Figliuzzi at the For(u)m

German-Italian surface designer Salvatore Figliuzzi

Addressing the first For(u)m in November 2010, leading German-Italian surface designer Salvatore Figliuzzi explained that the minimalist fashion for white is in the process of being replaced by a tactile natural composition.

At the time he said: “White is a little bit cold and people need the warmth of wood. They want, and are buying, more natural materials with warmth, structure and touch. Texture is very important. Without really knowing why, people want to feel and touch the pieces, so woodgrain is becoming central.”

In the high-end arena of contemporary furniture design, the desire for tactile pieces was even seeing the use of wood surfaces with a rough saw-cut finish. Wood was also being utilised for feature walls. While these trends have not become mainstream yet, the contemporary mode for mixing wood with a colour has become a familiar sight in interiors throughout 2011 and into 2012.

“Colour is very important and there will be a lot of attention on how to combine colours with wood grain. The mix makes a more valuable item and is attractive to the final customer – but it’s not an easy task to get right,” said Salvatore during his presentation.

Although it’s now 2012, his comments in 2010 still hold true with regard to current trends. The continuing economic situation is driving a desire for the comfort and traditions of woodgrain mixed with block colours.

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